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Our brand story

The brand was founded by Nthabeleng Koneshe in 2013. Being a fashion designer was one of the dreams that was conceived during her childhood years at the age of 9 and she saw her dream come into fruition in 2013 while she was a full-time employee.She used a manufacturing business to deal with production while focusing on her 8-5 job. In 2016 she got to own & manage her own manufacturing business.

Working within a clothing manufacturing plant as an owner, fabric cutter and co-manager, with a Philippine pattern designer & an early production supervisor (freelancer) who had more than 25+ years of experience within the textile & manufacturing industry and working with women whose experience varied from 5-15 years of working within the clothing manufacturing industry, was one of Nthabeleng's biggest milestones. It opened new avenues of learning the process of clothing production at an experiential level through daily observation of the actual production line, instead of just having the knowledge she had acquired from the research done prior to the commencement of the business. Even though the manufacture closed before she could master the basics and art of pattern design & grading, this did not stop Nthabeleng from learning the skill thereafter. She immediately went on to learning the basics of pattern design & grading on her own, to developing the actual patterns & making samples. She began making clothes for herself and soon after, designing for local clients & family members who needed custom designed pieces. Nthabeleng has consistently improved her skill as a self taught designer and is now ready to share her creations with South Africa and the world through on-line shopping , corporate networking events and a flagship stores in some of the major cities in years to come.

brand name development

Nthabeleng came up with the brand name in 2010, her aim was to come up with not only a brand name that will stand above the rest with its meaning and originality, but one that would communicate the philosophy behind the brand. For a while the meaning of the brand was an emotion she could only describe and depict internally without the right words to fit the emotion. With time those emotions have been translated and transformed into word and it has been described in the Get To Know Us description from "The meaning behind the brand and the logo" heading.

Crushed Kone | The Style Culture

Crushed Kone is a beautiful depiction of the rebirth of a woman's elegance, beauty, power & confidence. The brand is build out of passion for elegant and noteworthy styles. Our product offering comprise of mainly dresses, skirts and jumpsuits that gives an individual edge to your personal style. Exclusive & effortlessly chic styles is at the heart of what we do, while the heart beat of the brand is the woman behind the dress.



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