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Crushed Kone Campaign 2017

The Calla Lilly Reincarnation means the renaissance of something that was dormant but came to life again. In this instance we're talking about the Calla Lilly which is a symbolic to out brand.

The Calla Lilly Reincarnation and collection was inspired by the life of women who manage to rise after dormant seasons. They use their dorment seasons wisely, by iquiping themselves as it is the best time for God's pruning in preparation for the best comebacks.

This inspiration is also Crushed Kone's founder's story of the the ups & downs of the Crushed Kone Brand that she started part-time while she was in full time employment. There were lots of obstacles that made it close to impossible to juggle both work and business. After each business break between 2013 & 2017, the brand always came back bigger and better because the dormant season were used to improve & enlarge the brand vision

Crushed Kone | The Style Culture

Crushed Kone is a beautiful depiction of the rebirth of a woman's elegance, beauty, power & confidence. The brand is build out of passion for elegant and noteworthy styles. Our product offering comprise of mainly dresses, skirts and jumpsuits that gives an individual edge to your personal style. Exclusive & effortlessly chic styles is at the heart of what we do, while the heart beat of the brand is the woman behind the dress.



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